Droplet Setup – Beginners guide to Digital Ocean

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At this point you have everything prepared, got your site completely backed up, it’s time to go. Log in to your digital ocean account, if you don’t have one, you can create quickly on their website: digitalocean.com

Creating your droplet

What’s a droplet? Droplet is a virtual private server, that’s what they call it at Digital Ocean.

After successfully creating your account, you should see a big green button on the top right corner of the screen, which says Create Droplet. After clicking it you should see a few options.

Droplet size & price

Okay, in most cases the $10/month (1 core, 1gigs of ram) is the best way to go. But you can choose the $5 smaller one, if you just want to play around first.

What’s the Droplet Hostname? It’s the droplet name. The best option would be the domain name, but you can use anything.

Server location

Well, if you know where is the most of your traffic originated from, choose the one that’s the closest to you. Also, I recommend enabling backups. You can’t enable it once you created your droplet.

Choosing the Operating System and Application

In this tutorial I will explain a Ubuntu with a LAMP (Linus Apache MySQL PHP) stack. It’s a well known setup, and probably the easiest. So on the distributions tab choose the Ubuntu and on the Applications tab Select the LAMP 14.04.

As the final step you can create SSH keys to increase the security, but in this tutorial I won’t use that option.

After double checking the options, hit the big green button on the bottom of the page.


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