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Another huge update is released for Ajax Search Pro, this time aiming at performance and relevancy, and of course lots of requests fulfilled 🙂

Unfamiliar with the plugin? Check out the product page on codecanyon.

New Features

  • Index table & index table search engine (link to the documentation)
  • User search
  • Attachment search
  • Search text button
  • Better keyword suggestions
  • Help & Support menu
  • Update notifications (auto updater coming soon)
  • WPML dynamic string translations
  • …and much more

Plus there are dozens of changes and fixes applied based on the feedback of my awesome buyers.

Feel free to contact

Do you have any suggestions or bugs to report about the plugin? Feel free to post a comment here, or on the codecanyon product page. In case of issues use the support system.

Pre sales questions? Contact me anytime.

ajax search pro 4.5

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress – version 4.5

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  1. James

    Hi, forgive my English 🙂

    I’m testing your plugin, I wanted to understand how I can track the keywords entered by visitors in the search box.
    In the research phase in the url does not produce any search parameter type examples (s, q) etc. you could give me some guidance on how I can trace keywords? Thanks for the attention

  2. Bilqees Kenchi

    New version have still many bugs that I’ve been experiencing with it, my premium theme’s bilqeeskenchi.pk/slider and image effect feature destroyed by new WP 4.5 version. I think this was put in place for a specific kind of creation process that doesn’t apply to everyone and it would be helpful to be able to turn off the feature. I suggest to everyone don’t update latest version if you love site.

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