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This plugin was designed to provide a visually appealing way to show related content. It’s friendly for the user and the content provider as well.



Key features

  • Custom post type support – aka. works well with e-commerce solutions
  • Multisite support
  • Category and post type filtering and
  • sorting options on the frontend
  • Smart image parser
  • Smooth animations
  • Mobile device support


  • Adjustable category and post type filtering
  • Adjustable sorting options
  • Previous-Next buttons and Autoplay
  • Mobile Swipe support

Filtering and Sorting

  • Smart filtering by post type and taxonomy/term
  • Search filtering with exact/partial matches
  • Sorting by relevance
  • Sorting by Title

Relevance adjustments

  • Adjustable the relevance of title, content, excerpt and custom fields
  • Keyword extraction options
  • Fulltext and¬†classic lookup
  • Custom content for filling and override

Features FAQ

Can I display other things than posts with the plugin?
Yes you can. The plugin supports posts, pages and all of the custom post types. Custom post types are used by many major plugins like: WooCommerce, Jigoshop, wp-Ecommerce, bbPress etc..
What about products?
Yes. Since products are custom post types, it will work.
What about other stuff, like FAQ-s?
If it’s stored as a custom post type, then yes. Ask the plugin developer if you are not sure.
How many items can the plugin handle?
As many as you want, but I would not recommend going past 100 items.
Does it have a shortcode?
Yes it does!
Can I make my own design?
YES! There are more than 100 theme options to edit, you don’t even need to code.
Can I preview the changes that I made on the plugin template?
Yes you can! There is a handy preview window for that!
Is the plugin responsive?
Yes it is.
Can I use mobile swipe to go through items?
Yes you can.
Will it work with iPhone, iPad, android etc..?
Yes it will. Mobile safari and android (webkit based) browsers are supported.
Can I hide the Filter/Sorting buttons
Yes you can. It is possible to hide them one by one, or both of them as well.
Can I show the search filter by default?
Yes, you can.
Can I turn off everything except the navigation buttons?
Yes, you can.
Will it run the shortcodes in the content?
Yes it will!
Can it strip the shortcodes from the content?
Yes it can!


As previously mentioned, there are three layout types built in the plugin. Each one is a bit different, and each has 65 pre-defined templates.

Custom post types

The plugin naturally supports custom post types – meaning you can use it as a e-commerce related products solution.

 Yepers. See the examples!
WooCommerce example WP eCommerce example bbPress example


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    Quick FAQ

    Will it work with the latest version of WordPress?
    Yes it will. The plugin is updated regulary.
    Can I display custom items in the results?
    Yes you can.
    Does it have a shortcode?
    Yes, you can put it anywhere on your site.
    Can I use custom fields in content?
    Yes you can.
    Can I turn off the sorting and filtering buttons?
    Yes you can.
    Will it look awesome on my website?
    Well of course.
    Is there a documentation available?
    Yes of course: PDF HTML