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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


However I want to get results even if only one category or one tag is selected, i don’t need to have both to get results.

It’s not possible, as I explained earlier:
“The issue here is that in case of tag and category (or other taxonomy term) filters are connected with an AND logic all the times. It’s a performance related thing, due to the usually large amount of tags per site.”
Plus if nothing in the filter is selected, it means logically that “none of the selection should match” – therefore no result.

I tried “OR” to “Logic between taxonomy groups” but it doesn’t work.

It has no effect in this case, it only works with the taxonomy term groups, not the tags and the other filters, as explained earlier.

As soon as i select a category or a tag, the plugin start to search. Is there a way that the search start only when I have finish to select the categories and/or the tags i want?

The plugin has no way of telling when the selection is finished. Maybe waiting a few seconds after the last seleciton would help, but it would also delay the search process. I’m not sure if it’s possible to be honest.

I don’t understand your image because what i need is that the “All the selected terms shoud match” but when it’s selected, the posts are not from the categories i have in the search shortcode.

Can you please show me an example? (which categories to select and which results should appear/or not appear) I would like to investigate this further.

Ernest Marcinko

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