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Hi Ernest, thanks for your time – no worries about late responses I’m sure you get a lot of tickets and mine are probably the most annoying 🙂

I have another question for you – the solution above of running an additional query is the ideal way to do it. As a temporary solution what i’ve been doing is for a CPT such as Appleton (a city post type), I added a custom text field to that post type which contains the names of cities within a 50k radius. So if someone searches for Neenah for example, it will show Appleton – a kind of pseudo proximity search.

Of course this isn’t the right way to do it – I was just curious if the search engine can also search within an array, or serialized data? So let’s say instead of storing just a text string, i could store Neenah as a meta key, and a distance integer as a Meta Value.

Then when someone searches for Neenah – i can order the results by distance.

I’ve tried an ACF repeater but that didn’t work, apologies but i haven’t tried just regular custom fields out of the box, I will try that.

I know it’s not the best way to do things – but just wondering what is indexable. Thanks, promise not to bug you after this 🙂

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