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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Well, that is automatically calculated and fit via Javascript, so unfortunately there is no configuration for that yet, it’s automatically aligned to the left side.

However it only happens if the search box size is below 250 pixels, because the results width always follows the box width, but it has a minimal width of 250 pixels. Here are a few possible temporary solutions:

1. solution: adding a min-width to the search box so it never reaches below 250 pixels, therefore the results will align to the box full width, with this custom CSS:

.asp_main_container {
    min-width: 250px;

2. Solution: Setting a fixed width for the search box (at least 250px) on the Theme Options -> Overall box layout panel:

3. Solution (this might not work): Adding a margin to the results list to “compensate” the alignment to the right:

div[id*=ajaxsearchprores1] {
    margin-left: -75px !important;

I suggest using solution 1 or 2, those are the best and safest.

Ernest Marcinko

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