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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


The contextual algorithm is limited on purpose to the first 1800 characters (roughly 300 words) programatically. While it’s highly optimized from various sources, I still implemented this limit for safety – as in some cases it might require much more memory as usual. Not a critical value, but I had to consider it.

You can lift this limit by editing one of the plugin files. Open up the wp-content\plugins\ajax-search-pro\includes\classes\search\class-asp-search-cpt.php file on your server and scroll to line 1710, which should be this one:

$haystack = wd_substr_at_word(ASP_mb::strtolower($haystack), 1800);

and change that line to:

$haystack = wd_substr_at_word(ASP_mb::strtolower($haystack), 300000);

This will allow strings up to 300 thousands of characters instead of the initial 1800. However in case you experience any kind of performance problems, then please try reducing it to a lower number.

Ernest Marcinko

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