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Hi Ernest,

Great idea to use relative date, this was to easy and I only focused on the other value. My fault… 🙂

I changed the file like you discribed. Now I have 2 areas with “from” and “to” dates. The first block works fine now, but now there is another one. I also checked the file again and again, but also if replacing the backup file, I have these 2 blocks now. Any ideas why this happens?

2 days ago I also have seen my category filter, but now it´s gone although the option is still active. I don´t change anything the last 2 days. Maybe it´s a server or script problem I can not debug atm.

(Another little question is about cross browser design for the frontend settings. In Firefox, it looks great, but Chrome and Safari don´t break into nice rows like FF does.)

I hope, we can fix this and thanks for your patience.

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