Reply To: Search content of child posts


Ana Vuksanovic

Thank you for your reply and advices.

Rearding child posts, we are already using asp index data engine.
I have turned on the option 'Execute shortcodes ' -> but this unfortunately didn't do the trick. Content from child posts by executing shortcode in mother content didn't parse child content into asp_index table as content terms of mother post.

They are parsed only if I include child post type into index -> but then they are parsed under post_id (doc) of child post and not the mother post.
Is there another way to do this?

Rearding formula, is it maybe posible by
'asp results' – to hide results that don't qualify by this additional formula or by additional condition
or by 'asp_query_args' -> to exclude list of post_ids calculated by formula / condition – before ajax search main query?

Thanks again.