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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Claudius,

How can I display more results than 10?
You can set the limtis on the General Options -> Limits panel.

And how can these results be displayed per page 10?
For the isotopic layout the results count per page is calculated from the defined maximum row count and item width. To have 10 results, you will need 2 rows and 5 items per row. Since the default setting is 2 for the rows already, you will have to change (decrease) the item width on the Theme Options -> Isotopic results panel:

Please note that the width and the height are not “exact” values, only a starting point for calculating the final width/height. The plugin will try to resize the items to fit the width of the results container, but keeping the width/height close to those values defined.
The lower the width of the items -> the more they fit into one row, and vice versa.

Also note that on smaller displays the site width is different, and it could result in different number of elements per row, as the plugin tries to mantain readability and close range of the defined width.

And how do I get it to be scrolled inside a Multiselect dropdown box?
There might be a stylesheet disabling the overflow of the drop-down element. Try fixing it with the following custom CSS:

div.ajaxsearchpro[id^='ajax'] select[multiple] {
    overflow-x: auto !important;
    overflow-y: auto !important;
    overflow: auto!important;

I hope this helps!

Ernest Marcinko

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