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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Josh,

Let me know if something doesn't work.

If I may suggest a few things from my personal experience, it might help you out:
W3 Total Cache
This is a very complex cache solution, and I had fair amounts of issues both front-end and back-end. I only recommend enabling it, once you are 100% sure everything works correclty. I have used this plugin for years, but I just gave up, because it offers just too much, and sometimes it's just better to skip some features.
– Minify and combine function: This can be a nightmare, because there are so many ways to load the javascript and CSS files, and even though W3TC tries it's best to gather and minify them, there is always something wrong. I don't recommend using this.
– Memcached: If you use this feature, expect some serious issues with the database queries, especially if you run mulitple WP installations on the same server.
– Obcject cache or APC – DO NOT USE IT!! – PHP already has a built in object cache. This can lower your server performance beyond hell.

For W3TC I only recommend using the Page cache (Disk enhanced) and the Browser cache. Also, I'm using cloudflare for all of my website to reduce traffic, and it's working perfectly.

I recently switched from W3TC to WP Super cache instead. It's much simpler, it only uses a page and browser cache, and in my experience, for most sites it's more than enough. W3TC is amazing, but most features are enterprise level, and very hard to get it right.

Also, I don't recommend using any other 3rd party minification/caching plugin in combination with W3TC or WP Super cache. I have tried countless minification plugins, some worked nicely. But when I wanted to include new things, something always broke. It's not worth it in my honest opinion.

Sorry for the long response, I hope this helps!

Ernest Marcinko

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