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Ernest Marcinko


>> Cala costa ., cala bass, pacha .. works on ajax but the you hit
give me the Fatal Error

It was an issue related to WPML translations, as the category override names had a negative ID, which caused the problem.

>> this is a new post
if you put sneak beats.. not apear…

Because you have search caching enabled, and not using the code I suggested to clear the cache + you had only one category included to show results from. I have disabled the cache, so it will display now.

>> If I search for “musica en directo”. How can i do to shows this post the first one
“comer Carne en Ibiza”

There are options to prioritize certain results over others, but it's only global, not per search query, it's not possible yet:
I'm working on an update for priorities and statistics – but it's a long way to go as it massively affects the performance.

>> Also I saw a “AJS PRO settings” tab but only in the wp post .. Why it not show on custom post ???

I've enabled it for you to display on all post types. It was changed in the previous versions, because it was displayed in many undesired post types as well.

>> will be great also the option to import the key words from the YOAST seo key works .. also if we can give maximum relevance to a this Yoast set key words as integration with sea plugins …

I will definitely consider this as an option.

Also, the error messages should be gone now.

Ernest Marcinko

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