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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Dimosthenis,

In this case it's not possible, because the problem is not in the search phrase, but the way it is stored. From the database point of view (where “FT-1234” is stored) it is told to find something similar to “FT1234”. However for MySQL “FT-1234” and “FT1234” strings are completely different. A possible solution would be to add a delimiter to the search phrase programatically, but then again it's not possible to tell exactly where it's position is.

If the product name was stored as “FT1234” and the search phrase was “FT-1234” then this could be solved very easily, by just removing the dash character before search.

As a possible solution I would suggest to add the FT1234 string somewhere into the product description, or into excerpt or into a custom field or a tag and configure the plugin to look for that field as well.

Ernest Marcinko

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