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Ernest Marcinko


I've tried to check your website, but I'm getting redirected to a local IP whenever I open it:

Is that only for settings filter appearance so I need to set actual search filters somewhere?
Yes. The Frontend search settings does not change the default search behavior, the options there are to choose which items to display.

If you want to exclude/include certain objects based on category, you can find those options on the Advanced Options -> Exclude results panel:

When I added groups, at least the return results prioritized the posts with the video category, but followed those results with Other Results. Even so, the term “Chinese medicine” can be found in titles, excerpts and body content of about 50 posts with the video category, but only 3-5 results returned for a Video or child category before Other Results with Article category posts appeared.

It's not exactly that, because the plugin does not prioritize based on category, it's not possible yet. The query is passed on to the database to process to find results matching the criteria, ordered first by the primary then the secondary ordering. If the primary ordering is matching, then the secondary is used. For the regular engine (default) the word occurence is not counted as it's not possible, so matching words regardless their counts produce the same priority per each field. Field relevances then are summed and re-ordered during the post-process.

To get more relevance based hits, I recommend the following things:
– Using the index table – It allows indexing shortcode outputs, relevance by word occurences, stop-words etc..
– Using a different keyword logic – It's great in cases where the initial data set is big
– In case you want to prioritize certain post types over others, using the post type ordering

I hope this helps!

Ernest Marcinko

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