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Paul David Brown

Hi Ernest,

Thank you very much for the comprehensive reply…

So do you mean the Index Table Engine should work for me in the current version? I have played around with it since before I spoke to you an the best I get is that “H & M” works. This is not good enough though as H&M is the more commonly typed method.

Just to be clear H&M in this case is a custom taxonomy – the main reason I bought your plugin was its ability to search taxonomies

Having done some extra tests now… I have created a post called H&M sale now on and looked in the database and the sanitisation is not at play there. it is saved as straight up “H&M”. Sorry I should have checked this before I posted originally.

Maybe one way to get this to work for taxonomies – which is important for me – is the ability to create synonyms for certain taxonomy terms. This could be done within your plugin or via something like Advanced Custom Fields. The issue with using ACF, is that your plugin is not currently supporting the new wp_termmeta table by the look of it. As fields created in this table are not found by your plugin. If you could index this table, the synonyms are saving correctly (for example) as H&M not H&amp.;M.

Would be great if you can give me some pointers on this. I would like to discuss the idea of getting the images created in termmeta to show too after this more pressing issue is resolved.

Many thanks for you help on this.