Reply To: ISOtopic without js


Ernest Marcinko

Well, the script controls the isotope effects (item ordering, filtering based on pagination etc..), so basically yes, but I cannot guarantee it will work without it correctly.

The plugin uses a separate search process, but it might be possible to change it to a very similar configuration to get almost the same results at the default search:

1. The WordPress core search only returns posts and pages, so make sure that on the General Options -> Sources panel no other post types are selected:

2. The rest of that same panel should be configured as this:

3. The keyword logic and the exact matching should be the default, like so:

4. The ordering should be set to 'Date descending' and 'Title descending' on the General Options -> Ordering panel:

5. And finally, the relevance must be turned off on the Relevance Options -> Regular engine panel:

If nothing else was changed, no other sources were selected, then this should give more similar results to the default wordpress search.

Ernest Marcinko

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