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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Mike,

Thank you again for your kind words 🙂

I recall someone had a similar problem and it was related to the fact that he used a 3rd party plugin to force SSL on his site content. So the site was basically moved from http to https, but some database records remained stored with http prefix. The plugin he was using (wordpress HTTPS I think), solved this issue by checking the output before sent to the browser. It however does not solve the actual issue, where the data is still stored in a http format.

Another possibility is when a site is moved from http staging environment to ssl live server, and the dynamic CSS files generated are not re created. Long story short, try these steps:

1. Open up one of the search instances and save the options. If the site URL is set properly, the CSS files will be re-generated with the correct URL.
2. After that, clear the site cache (page, asset, varnish, CDN etc..)
3. Also, check this solution for replacing remaining http content with https:

If this does not solve it, feel free to open another ticket, and I will check what assets are causing the problem 🙂

Ernest Marcinko

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