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Ernest Marcinko


Thank you for notifying me about that.

You can safely ignore these warnings, they are displaying most likely because another plugin or the theme tries to load up a script or stylesheet file when ajax search pro is clearing it’s cookies. It does no harm whatsoever, and the cookie clearing is only executed whenever a search instance is saved on the back-end, nowhere else.

Nevertheless I will disable or move that part in the next hotfix release so the errors will go away. I sort of hoped that this error would not come up after the release, as I was not able to confirm if certain circumstances will cause it or not. Obviously it’s not going to work this way, as I hoped.

About the pre-loading of items: I would highly advise not loading up hundreds of items at all, it sort of defeats the purpose of the plugin, but that is not the biggest issue. Displaying hundreds of images (and overall nodes) will lag most browsers and probably increase the memory usage as well. Even worse, the navigation/scroll scripts may malfunction at that many items – make the browser unresponsive. The show more results option is limited to 3 times the original limit set, so for 100 initial items you can only load 200 more, so that is probably what you are experiencing there.

Ernest Marcinko

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