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Thanks for the reply and clear pointers Ernest.

I thought that the second one was it, but I was confused because it doesn't seem to work properly. I have both of the buttons you have specified enabled, but I am not seeing the highlighting in the search results.

For example, in a post on my site such as, the word 'undisciplined' occurs in the last sentence of the text. The post is 4800 characters long and I have the “Display the description context?” button on and set to the default of 100000 characters. When I run a search, the result for the page shows up but the result field shows only the post excerpt and does not highlight the word 'undisciplined'.

Is there something else I need to do to enable this function?

In some cases the search results do seem to highlight a specific word that has been search for, but in others they show only the page excerpt or the initial lines of text on the page. How can I set the search function to consistently display and highlight the word that was search for?

I appreciate your help and I hope I have explained my query clearly.