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Ernest Marcinko


1. Yes, by changing it to absolute position, instead of fixed. Fixed CSS property means that the position is relative to the viewport and it's size. It's kind of “pulled” out of the page and fixed to the browser window.

2. I'm guessing it's because either one of it's parent elements has a hidden overflow, or a CSS override is changing it to absolute.

The best possible way of placing the plugin pinned to the site top is by
1. setting the position to “absolute” instead of “fixed”
2. setting the top position value to a pixel value instead of %. This because in absolute position the whole page length is calculated in height, and it will be different for each page:
3. placing the shortcode to the footer by:
– either placing the search PHP shortcode to the footer.php file in the theme directory
– ..or using this code in the functions.php file in your theme directory:

Copy this code from line 3, and make sure that the shortcode ID is correct 🙂

This will make sure that the shortcode is placed relative to the body element, and therefore it will be absolutely positioned to it – pinned to the top value you define.

Ernest Marcinko

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