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Ernest Marcinko


Sorry for the late response.

1. Unfortunately it is not possible without custom coding.

2. It’s a box shadow on the main container, from what I can see there. If you change all values to 0, it will disappear:

3, 4, 5 – I see them all vertically centered, this might have been only a temporary issue (maybe browser cache)? Try clearing all your cache, and let me know if it doesn’t change.

Coloring the button
The icon is a vectorized SVG image, but it is possible, with some custom CSS:

.proclose svg {
    background: #c29338 !important;

6. I’m assuming you are referring to the compact search (id=3) in the top right corner? The compact starting width is automatically calculated and set to the magnifier area width, which usually equals to the overall box height. (so the magnifier icon is centered to it’s container background). I’m afraid this starting width cannot be changed without heavily editing the plugin sources.

Ernest Marcinko

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