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Ernest Marcinko


Thank you very much for your kind words!

It's actually an intended behavior, partially. It is because there is a 'hard-limit' on total results, which is calculated based on the general limit and a modifier as: limit * 10 (modifier), in your case 5 * 10 = 50 in total. This is to prevent displaying too many results at a time and soft-limit the ajax calls a tiny bit. Plus to improve accuracy, because in some cases the total number & the actual number returned may differ a small bit.

It is however possible to change this modifier now, as it has been requested before the current release, however a small code snippet is required for that. To change the modifier, place the following code snippet to the functions.php file in your currently active theme directory (copy from line 3):

This will change the modifier to 20, so the more results will most likely display 95 then. Feel free to increase this modifier value, but I suggest staying within 10 – 100 for the best experience.

Ernest Marcinko

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