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Ernest Marcinko


In this case, I would suggest using the Index Table engine, it will be better. Because in the regular engine it is not possible to choose only the BRANDS, but all the the other terms.

I logged in, and looked at your configuration, you almost have it perfectly, but you forgot to choose the index table engine on the General Options -> Sources panel:
Then the search instance will use the index table engine for searching 🙂

The logics work for both engines, but there is a difference. For example the “AND” (all words have to partially match) logic:
– Regular engine: all the words have to partially match at least one of the fields. In your case all words must partially match title or brands.
– Index table: all the words have to match, but any of the fields. In your case one word can match the title, the other the BRANDS, it’s still a match. This is not possible with the regular engine.

For example:
Title: ‘Lorem ipsum’
BRAND: ‘Dolor amet’
Regular engine
Test Phrase 1: ‘Lorem amet’ -> >NO match! (because one words is in title, second in brand)
Test Phrase 2: ‘Dolor amet’ -> match!
Index table
Test Phrase 1: ‘Lorem amet’ -> >match! (in this case it matches)
Test Phrase 2: ‘Dolor amet’ -> match!

I hope this helps!

Relevance is not possible to set for input keywords, but the index table engine will calculate keyword occurences as well. If you want to always prioritize some items, you can use the result priorities options. Unfortunately conditional priorities are not yet possible.

Ernest Marcinko

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