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Its ok! ♥

I thinking about it, and did some tests, and the conclusion is, i need to EXACT matches.

Like you explained here:

OR with exact word matches

Similar to the simple OR, but at least one keyword must match a whole word. Partial results are not accepted.
Keyword Content Match?
hello hello world, robot here YES
hello robot hello world, robot here YES
hello bot hello world, robot here YES
help bot hello world, robot here NO
hello science hello world, robot here YES

Then must to use Regular engine, cause Index table doesnt support it.

About the my general search, keyword will not combine on TITLE and BRANDS-
The keyword will find only on one destiny: TITLE or BRAND.

Exact match on TITLE or Exact match on BRANDS

For example:
Title: 'Lorem ipsum'
BRAND: 'Dolor amet '
Regular engine
Test Phrase 1: 'Lorem ipsum' -> >match!
Test Phrase 2: 'Dolor amet' -> match!
Test Phrase 3: 'Lorem amet' -> > NO match!
Test Phrase 4: 'amet' -> match!
Test Phrase 5: 'Dolor ipsum' -> match!
Test Phrase 6: 'Dolo ame' -> NO match!

Wanted to show only exact matches

Another problem is how to use only and exclusively TITTLE and BRANDS products for search.
I dont want to display variation or duplicates.

Cant configure correctly or something is bugging.

I want to use OR with exact word matches but only works on title of product, not on custom fields (pa_brands)

I wanted FULL word match, but cant do it.


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