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Ernest Marcinko


I believe it’s probably not related, as I don’t see any of the custom CSS conflicting with those icons. As I’ve looked at the source, it tells me that the content is simply ignored for those icons:
That info might be incorrect though, IE debugger tends to do that.

I’ve googled around, and there are actually known issues with font awesome and IE11. I have found these, which might help you:
IE11 not showing font awesome icons
Font-Awesome icons disappear in IE11 only after page refresh
Font Awesome 4.2.0 not rendering in IE11 with Compatibility Mode turned On
FontAwesome troubleshooting guide

I would first look at the version, to see if there is a possible update to that library, it may solve it. I have honestly no clue if this is actually the problem, I just suspect, based on the console information. Unfortunately explorer has a very limited debugger when it comes to fonts, so I was not able to check if it was correctly rendered or not.

Ernest Marcinko

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