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Ernest Marcinko


1. Filter style
The settings layout is more “fragile” as the results layout, that is why there is no template file available for them. The naming and the structure has to be very precise in order for the information processing.

However I believe that layout (or very similar) should be possible without making direct changes to the plugin, and using some custom CSS. I’ve come up with this after a bit of testing:

.wpdreams_asp_sc .asp_select_label::after {
    content: '';
    border: solid rgb(37, 219, 112);
    border-width: 0 1px 1px 0;
    display: inline-block;
    padding: 6px;
    transform: rotate(45deg);
    -webkit-transform: rotate(45deg);
    width: 0px;
    position: absolute;
    right: -16px;
    margin-top: 3px;

div[id*=ajaxsearchprobsettings].wpdreams_asp_sc fieldset select {
    background: white !important;
    color: black !important;

.wpdreams_asp_sc select {
         /*For FireFox*/
        -webkit-appearance: none;
        /*For Chrome*/
        -moz-appearance: none;
.wpdreams_asp_sc select::-ms-expand {
        display: none;

It resulted in this:
It’s not by any means a permanent solution, but it’s a good start I guess.

2. Datepicker
It might be possible to hide the unwanted elements via custom CSS, but I believe that it would still not work, as the datepicker requires all information to work.
A better solution in my opinion would be to create a custom taxonomy and the terms would be the years. Then simply make it a taxonomy term filter. With a proper filter, this could be automated on the back-end without the user knowing, when a post is saved.
It would be still less problematic in my opinion, than tweaking the date picker UI widget.

3. Auto populate
That is actually possible, there is a built in feature: Documentation – Auto populate

I hope this helps!

Ernest Marcinko

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