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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Amit,

That’s not exactly related. It’s not possible in WordPress to redirect the results to a certain page, it works differently. What you can do is change the search URL, but the resolver (search.php file in the theme directory) stay the same. You will have to add some extra code, so wordpress knows how to resolve it. Here is a tutorial:

It details 2 different methods. Once that is done, you should make a search.php file in the theme directory, as it will be responsible for printing the results. If that is not present, then the index.php is used. Please refer to: Template Hierarchy

After the redirection is working, and the handler is displaying the results, then you can change the URL to a custom url on the Ajax Search Pro back-end.

If you are not too experienced with WordPress, I would suggest asking someone. And don’t forget to have back-ups of everything, before you start editing theme files, just in case.

Ernest Marcinko

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