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Ernest Marcinko

It could be replaced, but then it would not work – because the script serializes and sends the information from the form fields through the ajax request, and a list element is not considered as a form input in javascript, so it would be ignored. In order to include that information, the script also needs to be edited to include the specific list elements, convert them to the correct serialized object, and pass it onto the ajax handler. That is not an easy task, at all, definitely a lot of painful work.
Another possibility is to inject a list object via javascript into the settings box, then hiding the select element. Then adding another script to handle the changes to the list elements to the hidden select element. The the list is visible, and whenever the user makes a change, the select is changed in the background according to that as well. This is probably easier, but still requires a decent amount of work.

Datepicker: That could actually work. Making a custom field with the year value, and then making a filter on that custom field makes sense. It might be easier as the taxonomy term one.

Ernest Marcinko

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