Reply To: CSS Issue


Jan Trier

Hey Ernest,

Thank you for you greate support! – I understood your code. And it is working! – Thank You!
But there is one little issue. The plugin “Popups” set a cookie so it knows the next time the user comes to the website, if the trigger should be triggered or not. Do you have an idea how I can add that to the if condition?

I think the plugin works like this:
The plugin sets a cookie with a expire date. If the cookie is still alive, the popup doesn’t get triggered!
If not, the popup gets triggered.

Independent of the user got subscribed or not, I think it is okay to check of there is a cookie with the name spu_open_58189 or not. The value is not necessary – Because I want to show the popup again if the user hasn’t subscribed. That is the reason, why the popup will be shown again after 10 days.

In the attachment you will find two pictures. One of the cookie where the user got subscribed and one where the user doesn’t got subscribed!

Thank You!

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