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Bruce Griggs

Hi Ernest,

Thank you for your quick response! That is the workaround that I was thinking of as well, but wouldn’t it need to refresh the page when checked?

Also, I have found another solution which seems to maybe make a bit more sense to my needs (or rather I think it will be more user friendly).

In the Custom Fields, I have used the “Text” field item. The only issue I find is that some clients will put in for example: “R2000” or “2000” to “R 40 000 or 40000” or whichever combination of currency. The issue is that my Real Estate Plugin saves the custom taxonomy price as precisely for example: “R40,000”

So as a result, unless my customer types in the price exactly like the above, the search result won’t show. A solution I think would be to create an auto correction so if they type “40000”, it automatically corrects it to “R40,000”

Sorry for doing this to you, but is there a way that I can allow the plugin to do this?

If not, I am going to use your suggestion with the range sliders, and I do thank you very much for the explanation as though I was thinking the same, I hadn’t though of using my Visual Composer which makes perfect sense 🙂

Let me know,
Kind Regards.