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Bruce Griggs

Thank you so much Ernest, I do apologize for the inconvenience… but it so happens that our clients are our best teachers 🙂 What I meant by that was that you see something new every day…

I am only recent with website design and building my websites so I have another sector in which I used to be really excellent at, communication systems programming… but something new comes around every day when it comes to design is no different it so turns out 🙂

Again, thank you. This ERE Plugin that I use is something that has forced me to keep creating work arounds for, instead of solutions. This issue that you fixed was above my expertise but the other issues I could figure out but could never apply an actual fix, rather a diversion if you will.

It is for this reason that I am starting to look at another solution for my Real Estate Plugin…something a bit more friendly to my Themes and Core Files. This ERE plugin really doesn’t play well with other plugins or themes, or core files. At first I thought that I was just missing something and that it was human error but, after your reply…it is something I am going to have to do because, although my site isn’t completed yet, it does have some customers and when this site starts performing the way I intend for it, I am afraid cleaning up after this plugin is not going to work any longer. I will however have to use this for a short while still…so your effort is very much valued!!!

I am actually sorry that you had to sit with this issue, but something good usually comes from these..not only frustration…

Thank you so much again for your incredibly support and your timing of response. I am forever grateful!

Thank you Ernest,
Have a great day further and all the best!