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Amber Atkinson

Thank you so much for your reply.

I seem to be getting further away from what I’m trying to achieve, the more I fiddle with the settings.

I’ve contacted WP Kraken for a quote however I think they may be taking a 3 day break for a public holiday and my client is pretty disappointed in me, so I’m grasping at straws.

I am trying to achieve a filterable search like the one on this page:

I feel like it’s definitely achievable with your plugin, it just may need a little css styling? Is this correct? Or are there settings within the plugin where I can change or do I need a guru?
I’m having trouble with the following:
1. Changing the background of the search settings to white and text to black (changes to these in ‘theme options: drop down’ don’t take effect).
2. Can I change the spacing between the search settings boxes?
3. I’m so sorry, but can you please tell me which setting to change so that all three fields need to be selected before results appear? At present, as soon as one dropdown menu is selected the search results appear.
4. I need the search results to appear in a new tab. I have had a play around with the provided short codes but can’t get anything to work except the quick shortcode. For example, when I paste the folling: [wpdreams_asp_settings id=1 element='div']
nothing appears on the published page. Can you please tell me how to achieve the settings boxes only?

I’m so sorry about this. The more I mess with the settings, the more I chew hours of time getting nothing done.

I look forward to hearing from you.