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Ernest Marcinko


It’s because the mobile menu is a DOM copy of the non-mobile menu, probably done via javascript. This means that the search bar is simply ‘cloned’ onto a mobile menu version – causing invalid HTML and all of the event handlers are lost in the process as well – as it is not possible to copy events with DOM nodes in javascript. If this is the case, then unfortunately it’s not possible to resolve from the search perspective, but the menu code needs to be fixed to use a different method.

This means that any contents/shortcodes with event handlers – such as javascript search bars, sliders or any interactive content are very likely will not work with the mobile menu.

You can try the following to resolve the issue:
– If it’s possible, then make a different search instance for the mobile menu. If the menu contents are indeed cloned/copied, then this will probably not work, but worth a try.
– Place the mobile search in a different location instead of the menu.

If there was any bypass solution to this, with a custom code I would gladly provide it for you, but unfortunately this is not possible to detect. Unfortunately lots of menu solutions use this ‘cloning’ method, which makes it impossible to properly place interactive elements into them.

Ernest Marcinko

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