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Ernest Marcinko


Thank you very much for the feedback!

1. It is actually displayed as a block, but I believe there is an issue with how the results shortcode is positioned. I’ve looked up the source, and I found that there are actually two div elements with the ‘main’ ID on the page:

That’s very likely the cause, as the content is pushed down to a certain degree, but then perhaps because of the styling there is an overlap occuring. I would rather recommend simply placing the results shortcode after the header, into the correct main container.

2. You are right, for variable products the price range is missing. I will make sure to fix that for the upcoming hotfix release – released within 2 days.

3. It’s due to the customization, where 6 pixels of right margin is appended after each element, which the script does not account for. Each time the prev/next button is pressed, the script checks if there are more pages than possibly visible, and ‘slides’ them left or right depending on the situation. In this case, it makes a correction as it thinks that some elements might not be visible, due to the margin.

This custom CSS might get rid off that, or at least minimize the effect:

nav.asp_navigation ul li,
nav.asp_navigation ul a {
   box-sizing: border-box !important;

I will look into this for the next release as well, but I can’t promise to make a change on this one.

Ernest Marcinko

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