Reply To: CSS bug with Avada theme


Ernest Marcinko

Hi Diego!

Thank you very much for the details!

I have checked the URL which is supposed to be problematic, but it looks okay to me with the ASP plugin activated currently:
This is a screenshot I can see on this URL:
Isn’t this supposed to be the broken page by default? Or do I have to do something to brake it? Does this look different to you at this moment?

If it is broken to you, but not for me, it could indicate a simple browser CSS cache problem. Modern browsers very heavily cache CSS files, and enabling-disabling plugins could trigger different states of cache. I recommend clearing the browser cache, and reloading the page a few times with the CTRL + SHIFT + R buttons, that usually helps.

Let me know if I need to do some specific steps to re-create the issue. Let me know if I should create a new post or anything, because I don’t want to touch your content unless it is okay with you 🙂

Ernest Marcinko

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