Reply To: CSS bug with Avada theme



Hi Ernest
Thanks for your quickly response!

In fact, that URL looks okay to me, too. As the homepage. But, please, can you check other posts like:

And other posts that you can access in this pages above. I changed the menu itens to make easly access other posts and pages with and without problems (please take a look in them)

Note, for example, that have visual differences if compare:


Which is stranger, because they are same post type, with no reason to be visually different.

I suspected that could be a browser cache, but I’ve clean up everything, and tested in differents PCs – I tried a new browser too, recent installed with no cache. In all instances, I have same problem.

If you want, you can dehactive and activated my plugins, or create a new post, a new “produto” (product) – this website still are in develoment and only us have access. After that, compare the fonts and backgrounds showed.

I noticed that the missing styles (when ASP are active) are set in Avada config panel – not in style.css from my theme. That could be a clue?