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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Fanuel,

Sorry for the late response, I had some importand business related things to take care of yesterday.

It is more-less how it should work right now, and I’ve just tested, and I believe there are no results from ‘male’ category, if I select ‘female’ and ‘faculty’:

However you are right, there will be results from faculty category, that are not in female nor male category, and not on the un-checked category list. The main issue here is that usually custom category groups are defined as custom taxonomies. So for example checking ‘female’ and ‘faculty’ means to match female and faculty, or female where faculty is not defined, or faculty where female is not defined.

I should however add an option to restrict results to exactly match the selections, and nothing else (so faculty and female, nothing else at all), so results that does not have any of the categories defined. I’m not even sure how this never came up before. There are so many ways people want the filters to work, that sometimes I get lost with all the ways of configuration.

Anyways, can you by any chance add temporary FTP details to this ticket? I would like to experiment with the search code to see if there is a simple resolution to only allow ‘selected’ categories from the list. Your content seems to be perfect for testing this out, if you don’t mind 🙂

Ernest Marcinko

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