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Ernest Marcinko


Thank you very much for letting me know. I believe I have found out why in the meantime.
It turns out, there is a very rare issue with the


PHP function. So basically when the plugin simply tries to place a file into the WordPress upload path, it fails for some reason. Not only fails, it re-tries a bazzilion times, even though there is no loop whatsoever. The error is basically one single function, it blows my mind. More interestingly, this function is widely used by plugin developers, so I still don’t get why exactly is this happening, and why can’t I re-create it. I’m in this business for a very long time now, and this is probably the strangest error I have ever seen yet.

I have already fixed the auto updater version, and the version for codecanyon is under approval (I hate it that I cannot immediately upload a fix there).

I’m attaching a fixed version to this post. Please install this instead of the one you got. This does no longer have that function in effect, should not cause this issue anymore.

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Ernest Marcinko

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