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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the proper details, I have looked at your configuration.

From what I can see the plugin is configured to return suppliers and supplier categories as well as results. The filter is defined to match all terms, but also return suppliers which are not categorized either.
If I understand correctly, you want to use the filter to show suppliers from the chosen categories only, nothing else. I suggest trying the following configuration:
– I’m not sure if you want the supplier categories as results, as those are not affected by filters and will be displayed anyways. You can turn that off by de-selecting it on the General Options -> Sources 2 panel:
– I guess you don’t want to display suppliers that are not categorized, then make sure to turn off this option:
– Also, if there are overlapping categories – like if a supplier is within multiple categories that are featured in the filter – then unless all of those categories are selected, it will not show up, as by default the filter logic is that all selections must match. You can change this as well:

I believe adjusting these options will most likely help you.

Ernest Marcinko

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