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Ernest, thank you again for all of your help as we wok through finalizing the search function on our website! We had two more questions.

1) We have a parent category of Iceland and sub-categories for Reykjavik, Rest of Iceland and the Golden Circle. We want people to be able to search “Iceland” and search all the posts or be able to limit their search to posts to only one or two of the children (e.g., only posts categorized as Reykjavik). I’ve tried toggling on/off Frontend Search Settings > Advanced >Category/Taxonomy terms logic and Frontend Search Settings > Advanced >Logic Between Taxonomy Groups (see attached No.1). But whichever combination I choose, it either brings up all the Iceland posts, even if none of the categories are checked (see attached No.2) or show no results if I only check a child even if there are posts categorized as that child (see attached No. 3). I’ve tried tagging all of the posts with the parent Iceland category, in case that helped, but it didn’t (see attached No. 4). Any advice?

2) We’re still having problems on where to include the search results. We did user testing and people didn’t see the search results when we moved them to the left. And when we put the results over the search box, users couldn’t get back to the search box. Is there any way to put the search results below the search box (See attached NO. 5)?

Thank you again!!

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