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Ernest Marcinko


1. I have a few insights that might help you in this case. From the screenshots I see that each category is a child of ‘Iceland’ main category. I feel like that is redundant, as if I understand correctly all posts are at least within one of the sub-categories.
My suggestion is to only use only the three child categories (golden circle, rest of iceland, rejkjavik) as filters. The reason is that if all the posts are within both ‘Iceland’ and within one of the sub-categories, then using your current setup (‘At least one of the terms should match’ logic, screen 1.) and having ‘Iceland’ checked will result in essentially no filtering. Because most posts are within the ‘Iceland’ filter, and the logic dictates that at least one term should match (which is true due to iceland being checked), then the potential result pool is not reduced.

Long story short:
– I suggest not using the ‘Iceland’ filter, if all the expected results are at least within one of the sub-categories.
– Instead of the current logic, try the default:
Note that the Logic between taxonomy groups option is also set to ‘AND’ on my screenshot. The reason is that if you set it to OR, that means that the logical relation between the category and the tag filters will be an ‘either or’, so even if the category filtering does not match, but the tags do, then the results will be still displayed.

This configuration ensures that:
– If any of the options is ‘unchecked’ by the user, it means for the plugin to not display anything that belongs to that term. So if user uncheckes ‘Rejkjavik’ then anything within that category is excluded. As well as if he uncheckes ‘Fall’ tag, then anything matching that tag is excluded. The more unchecked, the less results.
– ..and that the tag and category filters are exclusive and not independent. So if a post is within the ‘Rejkjavik’ and the ‘Fall’ tag, then unchecking either means exclusion.

2. As I previously mentioned, you could perhaps change the z-indexes so the settings are behind the results box. Basically the ‘floating’ results over the content as by default, only the settings behind the results.

Another possibility maybe to use the shortcode generator to display the search elements individually as search box, results and settings in order:

[wd_asp elements='search,settings,results' ratio='100%,100%,100%' id=1]

This shortcode results in a layout like so:
Each element will be a ‘block’ so not hover over the content but push it down, but because of the ordering, the results box follows the search box, and the settings box follows the results box.

I hope this helps!

Ernest Marcinko

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