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Ernest, thanks so much for your help. We have two last questions:

First, we updated the plug in to version 4.11.5 but this hasn’t resolved the issue. When we select just “Reykjavik” as the category, the results show items tagged just as Reykavik (anything tagged as both “Reykjavik” and “South Cost”, or both “Reyjkavik” and “Rest of Iceland” is excluded.) Any thoughts on this?

Second, we installed the shortcode plug-in and code you suggested. However, this code creates a new search box under the existing box; nothing is stacked. We amended the code to just [wd_asp elements='results' ratio='100%' id=1] , but now the search results are obstructed by the drop down menu (and adjusting the z-indexes doesnt help)(see attached screenshots). Any ideas on how we can fix this?

Please let us know if it would be easier/faster to connect by phone, do a screenshare or give you access to our WP account to resolve these issues? Thanks again for your time!

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