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Ernest Marcinko


I’m sorry, somehow I didn’t post the theme and color related answer there, I might have closed the browser window without checking if the post went through.

So, the theme on that page search is the ‘Demo – Vertical blue’:
But I guess you probably figured that out. To change the bar color, make sure to both change the overall box and the input field gradient color background as well.

I have also noticed that there is some sort of custom script adding label and span elements to some of the search input fields (text and checkbox). I highly suggest disabling this script (I can’t see which one it is though), as it may lead to detached event handlers, and could very likely conflict with the search functionality.

Alternatively, you could try these custom CSS rules to hide those additional elements:

.proinput form label {
    display: none;

.option label span {
    display: none !important;

These will fix the input fields pushing randomly by the additional label and span elements.

Ernest Marcinko

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