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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the detailed explanations, and your kind words, I really appreciate them.

1. Unfortunately there is no option for that on the back-end, at least not yet. There is no custom script either that would help, as filters need a front-end, back-end options interface, integration with the ajax request, and most importantly a query to handle them properly. This is not possible to achieve via custom code snippets, as it simply affects too many files.

2. I need to investigate this further. It does make sense they don’t actually use a term for the defaul ‘article’ format, however it creates more issues than is solves, especially when it comes down to filtering.

The reason why it shows the article format when you choose whatever else is because of the lack of format, and because of this option is enabled by default:

There is no good solution here. One thing you can do is to enable the ‘Choose all/any’ options, which will essentially allow displaying all formats:
I will look into this in more details to see if there is any custom code that might help – somehow detecting that if not the default is selected, then others should be excluded explicitly, or something similar.

3. May I ask what browser/system spec is this present on? Can you please also check the demo page if you can see it there as well? ( I don’t think I see the same issue, just want to make sure I’m testing it correctly.

4. I recall someone asked this, so I looked through the past tickets and found a possible solution with a small custom snippet:

I’m not sure if this is the same plugin though. Feel free to link me to the plugin page and I will check it out if this doesn’t work.

Ernest Marcinko

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