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Michael Samson

Hi Ernest,

Thank you again for the quick reply!

1. Filter Results by Content Type (or Grouping Ability) for Isotopic Search Results

I agree with you that implementing this as a results filter makes more sense. Using a filter will also keep the options in the settings area, and not clutter up the Isotopic UI with additional choices. Thank you for adding this to the feature requests. I hope you add it soon, and when you do please let me know so I can implement it! 😉

2. Post-Format Filter Missing Default Format (Article)

I’ve asked my partner who is managing the development team to point out the code for me so that I can send it over to you. I’m waiting for him to send it over. One thing to keep in mind is that we solved this filter issue in Essential Grid without actually modifying the plugin. All our scripts for this were external. You’ll be able to change this within the actual plugin, but I suspect the methodology will be the same as ours. I’ll send this over as soon as I have it.

3. Flicker Problem for Icon Overlay in Isotopic Search Results

I tested the page you sent and the problem does not occur there. But the ajax results on that test page are very small in width. My results container is set to 100% width of the screen, which is very wide on my monitor. Perhaps this has something to do with the problem. I’ll also try to pin down the cause more over here when I work on customizing that css (one of my next tasks).

4. Automatic Image Loading for Category and Tag Search Results

I’ll definitely keep you posted on this. It may be a little bit before our developers get to this task, as we’re working on a great many issues right now. But we’ll be doing this soon enough.

Question 1

Just to clarify, the caching that is occurring is the caching of these images in the bfi_thumbs directory, nothing more, right?

Question 2

Ok, this is interesting. So if we use a filter to display our own images for category and tag results, then those images would be used as-is, and would not be cropped or cached, right?

I think what you’re saying here is that when the plugin finds results with images (like a post), that’s the point at which it retrieves the image, crops, and caches it. The category and tag results have no images, so they would be displayed without images, and then the filter would kick in and display the images we want. So in effect, the cropping and caching never comes into play.

If that’s the case then I can indeed size these images to my own specifications, as I do for all category images. I would just need to make sure the images cover the container properly, as the aspect ratios are different (between the images and the results cards). But that shouldn’t be too difficult.

I’ll get back to you about how this all works out when we implement the filter. Let’s also please keep this thread open until everything is resolved.

Thanks again Ernest!

~ Michael