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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Damon,

Thank you very much for the details, it makes my work much easier.

While configuration is not part of support, I did what I could to make it as close as possible to your desired layout.

1. Results redirection
Since you don’t need live search, but want to redirect the results to the results page, the first thing was to change this behavior on the General Options -> Logics & Behavior panel:

Now whenever the user hits enter on the search field, or clicks the magnifier/search button he gets redirected to the results page. More information in Return key and magnifier icon click actions Documentation

2. Search bar and button
The problem is, that there is no separate search button that you can place by the search bar, it is integrated to the search input itself. So my solution was to:
– re-enable the search bar, as you had it disabled:
– instead of the current shortcode, use the following on your front page:
I have made this shortcode with the Shortcode Generator.
This will place the search box to the left and the settings to the right, in a width ratio of 30/70.
– Added some custom CSS to fix theme specific alignments:

The result is the following:

Now the search redirects to the results page whenever the user clicks on the search button, and is positioned as close as possible to your needs.
I hope this helps!

Ernest Marcinko

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