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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Colin,

I have inspected the whole header in more details, and I may have found a few issues there. One is that the mobile search is actually a DOM copy/clone of the desktop search. Basically a script (I guess the widget script?) copies the search bar to the mobile widgets area, which is a big issue. Copying items via javascript is a very bad practice, as it does not copy the event handlers, and without checking the element IDs, it creates an invalid HTML as well.
I guess the theme included search was made with this in mind, so it works that way. Unfortunately making copies of any custom element with event handlers (like the search) does not. That is why it’s the search does not work when switching to mobile view. I may have a possible solution though.

First, to fix the floating position, try this custom CSS

.navigation .mini-widgets {
    position: absolute;
    right: 0px;

Fixing the duplication script
Add this custom code to the functions.php in your theme/child theme directory (copy from line 3 only!). Before editing, please make sure to have a full site back-up just in case!

Please note, that these are not direct issues of the plugin, so my suggestions may not work in all cases.

I hope this helps though 🙂

Ernest Marcinko

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