Reply To: Replace theme search


Ernest Marcinko

The theme updates will, unfortunately, plugin updates not likely. WordPress automatically replaces all theme files with the ones in the update package.

For that reason I usually recommend creating a child theme, and copy the modified file there. The if you activate the child theme, it will automatically get the actual parent theme, but load the modified files from the child theme directory. This does not get overwritten during theme updates, it is made for persistent changes. You might have to ask the theme author about how to create one for this particular theme, as there is no global solution that works with all themes.

Alternatively, I can make the change again, and link you a copy of the modified file. Each time there is a theme or theme related plugin update, you can restore it. Let me know.

These are not the most elegant solutions, but since the theme search is hard-coded, there is no other way to replace it.

Ernest Marcinko

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