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Michael Samson

Hi Ernest,

I wanted to follow up with you on all fronts since a few weeks have now passed.

Regarding “3. Flicker Problem for Icon Overlay in Isotopic Search Results.” I managed to get this solved on my end when customizing all the css for the ajax results screen. It looks like that issue was tied to using a custom icon in the overlay. I was using an svg image. I think the problem was caused by the image container not being the exact size as the image inside it. When I customized our css I matched the sizes together, and then the problem disappeared. You may want to test this on your end by using various size images in the overlay. There’s definitely a problem there that may necessitate specifying an image container size (perhaps a new option in the plugin, or just a change of css settings to automatically match the sizes).

Regarding “4. Automatic Image Loading for Category and Tag Search Results.” We’re still working on this, and I’ll follow up with you when it’s all done.

I found a small css issue tied to the “nav.asp_navigation” element. On mobile devices the navigation bar was not contained properly, and you could see additional pages beyond the end of the bar. I fixed this on my end by adding an “overflow: hidden” to nav.asp_navigation. You should make this fix in the plugin.

One other thing I noticed is that there seems to be no way to completely disable the default image feature. Even if you have no image entered, and all the image source settings are not using the default, the plugin still displays a default image (a camera). You should add an option for this so that the default image can be turned off. I actually could use this.


Regarding “2. Post-Format Filter Missing Default Format (Article).” I had supplied you with the code we used to fix this in Essential Grid in my last post. I’m hoping that you’ll get this particular issue fixed soon, since it does adversely affect the current filtering abilities.

Regarding “1. Filter Results by Content Type (or Grouping Ability) for Isotopic Search Results.” Do you know when you expect to be implementing the solution we discussed for this? No rush here, but this would be a great feature to have added soon.

Lastly, you never replied to my last post with the several suggestions I made for “Question 1.”


I’m almost done now customizing the plugin, and it is working very nicely. My compliments again on creating this absolutely incredible plugin. It’s going to serve us well for many years to come!

All my best,

~ Michael