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Michael Samson

Hi Ernest,

I saw your message about being away until December 19th. Thanks for posting that so I knew what was going on. I wanted to drop you one more message here (in addition to the two above you have yet to see). I’ve been making a lot of progress here customizing the plugin (css work), and at this point it’s 99% done. I’m really looking forward to showing you this implementation once our site goes live (still a few months away).

I found three new small (but important) things I wanted to let you know about…

1. In the “Frontend Search Settings” under the “General” tab:

The “Generic Selectors” have no way to assign a header. This looks a little funny when you’re using a few filters, and only this one section has no header on top. It would be great to be able to enter one in here so things look consistent. I’m referring to the headers like “Filter by Categories” for example. The Generic Selectors need a header too (preferably one we can enter).

2. In the “General Options” under the “Attachments” tab:

The setting for “Link results to” needs an option to link to the parent post page. This is really critical to have on a site like ours which is made almost entirely of posts. I want to make use of the attachment search capabilities in your plugin because it’s capable of generating a lot more relevant results. But these attachments all are linked to posts on our site. It’s important that these results link back to their parent post page when clicked from the results. There’s no option for this right now.

3. In the “General Options” under the “Attachments” tab:

When setting “Search engine for attachments” to “index table engine” there appears to be a problem with generating results. I found that this option would not generate any attachment results at all. When I used the normal engine there was no problem.


That’s it for now. Please remember I have three posts here for you to reply too… 😉

All my best,

~ Michael